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 Plants are delivered by wish customers:

     1.  In plastic flowerpots with gratings



     2.  In plastic flowerpots with PVC packaging


Each plant is labelled with a plastic nameplate, the company logo and the recommended temperature conditions. Nameplates and flowerpots differ in colour according to the price category of plants.


Black - usual cultivated palnts
Green - usual Echinodorus, imported plants
Blue - some Echinodorus and other uncommon plants
Silver - some Anubias  
Gold – some Anubias, motherload Echinodorus

To achieve the best and safest packaging, moistened blotter paper is used. A single package is put into a PVC bag and the original carton box with the company logo.

To ensure the ideal temperature condition we put styrofoam inside the carton boxes during the winter season.


We can offer several methods of delivery to the customer: via train in the Czech republic (Courier ČD), via mail (Czech mail), via PPL (usually within 24 hours, not later than 48 hours, for other European countries according to individual requirements.