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Nymphaea W.B.Shaw
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Nymphaea W.B.Shaw

160,00 Kč / (6.15 EUR)
(184,00 Kč s DPH)

   Growing instructions:

1. Position: daylong sun, height of water column 40–70 cm

2. Substratum: 6 parts of clay soil, 2 parts of ripe compost, 1 part of peat, enrich with a bone meal and ripe cow dung. Volume of substratum (for 1 plant) minimally 5 litres (we recommend to grow these plants in plastic flowerpots). Change of substratum: after 3 years.

3. Wintering: preferably directly in reservoir under the frost depth – cca 80 cm of water column, possible also in cold cellar (4°C)

4. To prevent occurrence of mosquitoes we recommend to have some small fish (goldfish)

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